What makes you different?


What makes you different? What sets your offer apart?

These are crucial questions for any business – questions any business owner should have a ready, clear and articulate answer to.

Now… do you?

Branding is much more than just a nice logo and a catchy claim. Branding is a way of defining and highlighting what makes you different, why people should pick you over anyone else.

In a nutshell, branding is what helps you stand out from your competitors. No matter your industry or the size of your company, you need to develop a brand that presents your business in a way people can feel drawn to.

How can I help

As a business owner, you are busy running your business, and are often too involved in it to be able to look at it objectively, from the right distance. That is why many business owners struggle to define and articulate what they do and what makes them unique.

By looking at your company from the outside, I can provide a fresh perspective, ask you the right questions, and help you to:

  • define (or refine) your business’ values, claim, mission and personality
  • design (or redesign) your logo
  • uncover and pinpoint what makes your company (or yourself) unique (your USPs)
  • streamline and organise your offer so it becomes easier for your costumers to understand
  • write clear, fluff-free and engaging content, tailored to your target audience and true to the tone and personality of your company
  • set up your LinkedIn company page
  • improve your LinkedIn profile