ewico Website 2018

Responsive Web Design & Custom WordPress Theme Development


In 2018, I designed, built, and launched my 3rd iteration of ewico‘s website.


I’ve been part of the ewico team since 2011, so, when it came to designing our new website, I had a clear idea of how to best present them and their services. Inspired by their brochure material, the new design features bold use of typography, and, to convey ewico’s passion for innovation, a layout that breaks with the classic page structure.

The site is responsive and is powered by WordPress via a custom theme, which I developed exclusively for ewico. The theme features several functionalities that add some movement and interest, such as counters, rotating panels, and carousels.

The result is a responsive and bilingual website that presents ewico and its services clearly while reflecting and reinforcing its brand.

Credits: top image courtesy of ewico.


  • Information Architecture
  • Web Design
  • Custom WordPress Theme Development
  • Copywriting (Italian)
  • Content Entry
  • SSL Certificate
  • CMS Training
  • Project Management

Oriana manages creative projects with the rationality, methodology, and professionalism required to create solutions that are both original and effective.

Matteo Durin
Senior Consultant & Partner, ewico