Tecnosan Website 2019

Design Adaptation & Custom WordPress Theme Development


I’ve been working with Tecnosan since 2011 when I helped them redesign their logo and build a more informative and usable website. Since that first project, Tecnosan has grown into one of Italy’s top healthcare technology distributors, expanding its team as well as its range of products and services.

In 2016, we did a complete website overhaul to reflect the increased product range, moving  from the original “per supplier” organisation to a more accessible “per medical discipline” categorisation. This main shift informed both the information architecture and the design of the website, making it easier for users to browse different treatment solutions or find information on a specific product:

In 2019, Tecnosan went through a rebranding process, which resulted in a new logo, a custom font, and a new colour palette. Still happy with the overall layout and information architecture of the website, they just needed to update the website design to fit the new branding.


To guarantee compatibility with the new WordPress 5.0, we took the opportunity of this design update to rebuild the original WordPress theme following the latest standards. We launched the new website in late September 2019, just in time for Tecnosan to officially present its new brand to the world during an industry exhibition in Rimini.

Credits: top image courtesy of Tecnosan


  • Design Adaptation
  • Web Development
  • Custom WordPress Theme
  • CMS Training
  • Project Management

I deeply appreciated Oriana’s professionalism and dedication in managing the project and bringing it to completion. With her expertise spanning both web development and marketing, she helped us reach our goal on time and with excellent results.

Mattia Dell’Orsola
Sales Director, Tecnosan